Inbound and Outbound Tax Law

Salcedo Attorneys at Law P.A. provides solutions for inbound and outbound transactions.

We actively support and advise our clients in a wide range of legal aspects regarding their business investments to and from the U.S., while helping them navigate the complexities and continued evolution of tax legislation.

Our services include:

● Providing assistance in the design and implementation of tax efficient structures for outbound investments from the U.S. to other jurisdictions.
● Organizing and maintaining the entities in offshore jurisdictions, Latin-America, Europe and Asia.
● Advising the most efficient alternatives available under applicable legislation and treaty networks to invest in the U.S.
● Counseling on the tax implications, as well as the most tax efficient alternatives to repatriating various forms of U.S. source fixed, or determinable annual or periodic income (“F.D.A.P. Income”) not connected with a U.S. trade or business including: dividends, royalties, rents, salaries, wages, premiums, annuities, compensation, and similar income.
● Designing structures for development and exploitation of various forms of intangible property between a corporate group and coordination of internal charges for shared use of such property between the various member of the group.

We pledge to provide our best advice, while always safeguarding our client’s best interests.