Tax Law


The tax practice at Salcedo Attorneys at Law regularly counsels businesses around the world on tax regulations and treaties.

We advise our clients in tax planning, and assist with the implementation of corporate frameworks, which help minimize worldwide tax exposure, while maximizing after-tax yield.

Our attorneys can assist you with:

● Designing and implementing tax efficient corporate structures.
● Pre-immigration tax planning.
● Advising clients who are non-U.S. tax residents to efficiently reorganize their assets and investments prior to becoming U.S. tax residents.
● Providing an integral assessment of our client’s tax and corporate structure to provide solutions that may avoid double taxation, prevent unnecessary taxation and allow clients to fully comply with the U.S. tax law.
● Understanding the variety of business strategies that real estate investors may be pursuing like focusing on rental income, while seeking capital appreciation.
● Delivering the best tax structure for our clients’ investment objectives.
● A wide range of wealth strategies including institutionalizing family wealth and governance, succession, ownership and strategies.
● Giving advice associated with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act advice and implementation.
● Establishing legal and tax entities, and business operations across all jurisdictions.Coordinating applications which avoid dual tax residency under applicable tax treaties in force (treaty tie-breaker applications).
● Designing and implementing tax efficient structures for outbound investments from the U.S. to other jurisdictions, including coordination of incorporation of applicable entities in target jurisdiction like Latin America, Europe and Asia.
● Creating finance structures for investments in U.S. projects and ventures.
● Organizing tax efficient proposals for joint venture projects with cross border investors in the U.S.
● Reorganizing entities and coordination of elections for tax treatment under applicable check-the-box regulations.
● Assisting with the registration or domestications of foreign entities to the U.S. which improves applicable compliance formalities.

We pledge to provide our best advice, while always safeguarding our client’s best interests.